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Official Release

Date: Dec 08, 2021

Release Notes: V-Ray 5

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Materials Now Available in Cosmos

In addition to high-quality 3D models and HDRI skies, Chaos Cosmos now includes
200 high-resolution V-Ray materials that are ready to render just the way you want.
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New Randomization Options

The new V-Ray UVW Randomizer with Stochastic tiling helps you add natural variety to materials for extra realism, and eliminates the problem of texture tiling artifacts.





Live Link with Chaos Vantage

If you’re working with an NVIDIA RTX graphics card, you can use the new Live Link between V-Ray for Cinema 4D and Chaos Vantage to see a real-time ray-traced view of your scene.




Blur and Sharpen in the VFB

Adjust the details of your renders using the new Blur and Sharpen layers right in the V-Ray Frame Buffer. No need for a separate post-processing app!




 GPU Light Cache

V-Ray Light Cache now runs on your GPU, so your renders start faster.




 Light Instancing

Work with multiple lights more efficiently, and improve performance with new V-Ray Light instancing.




Support for Apple M1 Processors

MacOS users can now unleash the full power of their M1-powered devices with native support for Apple’s new ARM-based processors.

See this video for more information.




 V-Ray Render Masks

Make changes to any object or group of objects in your scene even after you’ve rendered. No need to re-render the whole image.



V-Ray Scene Import

Import and render V-Ray scenes from other applications, or share render-ready V-Ray for Cinema 4D content.