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This page provides information on how V-Ray integrates into the standard Cinema 4D menus.

V-Ray provides a menu on its own in Cinema 4D's toolbar, where you can find some commonly used V-Ray components. 

In addition, there are a number of items to the Cinema 4D menus, in particular in the Preferences and Create menus. 

Start Production RenderStarts Production render in the VFB.
Start Interactive RenderStarts Interactive render in the VFB.
Submit to Chaos CloudSubmits your current scene for render to Chaos Cloud.
Chaos VantageOpens a Vantage submenu.
V-Ray VFBOpens the V-Ray Frame Buffer window.
Render ElementsOpens the Render Elements window.
Cosmos BrowserOpens the Chaos Cosmos browser.
Chaos ScatterAdds a Chaos Scatter Object to the scene.
LightsOpens the Lights submenu.
CamerasOpens the Cameras submenu.
GeometryOpens the Geometry submenu.
Volumetrics Opens the Volumetrics submenu.
ToolsOpens the Tools submenu.
HelpOpens the Help submenu.



Vantage Live LinkInitiates and sends a link to Chaos Vantage. For more information, see Live Link to Chaos Vantage.
Vantage AnimationExports and sends the current animation range to Chaos Vantage.
Vantage SettingsOpens a settings window.

Rectangle LightCreates a Rectangle Light.
Sphere LightCreates a Sphere light.
Dome LightCreates a Dome light.
Mesh LightCreates a Mesh Light.
IES LightCreates an IES light.
V-Ray SunCreates a V-Ray Sun.
V-Ray Sun with SkyCreates a V-Ray Sun and Sky system.
V-Ray EnvironmentCreates a V-Ray Environment.
Legacy LightsOpens a selection of legacy lights.

Physical Camera

Creates a Physical camera.


V-Ray ParticlesCreates a V-Ray Particles object in the scene.

V-Ray Proxy

Creates a V-Ray Proxy object.

V-Ray SceneCreates a V-Ray Scene object.
V-Ray FurApplies fur properties to the selected object.
V-Ray ClipperMakes the selected object a Clipper.
V-Ray DecalCreates a V-Ray Decal object.
V-Ray EnmeshCreates a V-Ray Enmesh geometry.


V-Ray VolumeGridCreates a V-Ray VolumeGrid.
Environment FogCreates an Environment fog.
V-Ray ToonCreates a V-Ray Toon effect.


Light ListerOpens the Light Lister window.
Make Shadow CatcherConverts the selected object into a Shadow Catcher Matte object.
V-Ray Bake ObjectExports a Baked texture based on an object's appearance in the rendered scene.
Convert MaterialsConverts materials from one type to another.
Convert V-Ray 3 sceneOpens the Convert V-Ray 3 scene tool.
V-Ray ToolbarOpens the V-Ray Toolbar palette.
Download Cosmos AssetsDownloads and relinks missing Cosmos assets.


AboutOpens an About window.
Online DocumentationOpens the V-Ray for Cinema 4D documentation in a browser.
Online Help CenterOpens the Chaos Help center in a browser.
Check for UpdateChecks if a newer V-Ray version is available for download.


The About window contains information about the current V-Ray version installed, copyright notice and information if this is the latest released version or if there is a newer update available for download.


Edit > Preferences > Renderer > V-Ray


See more information on the Preferences V-Ray Menu page.

||Material Manager|| > V-Ray (when Separate menu for V-Ray materials is enabled)


||Material Manager|| > CreateV-Ray (when Separate menu for V-Ray materials is disabled)


You can access the V-Ray log from Extensions > Console > V-Ray


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