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This page provides information on the V-Ray Toolbar.


This tool provides a palette with shortcuts to some of the most commonly used V-Ray components.

UI Path

The V-Ray Toolbar can be accessed from the V-Ray Menu > Tools V-Ray Toolbar. A Palette appears, and it can be used like that or docked in the Cinema toolbar.

Toolbar Functions

The V-Ray Toolbar provides the following functions.


Starts Production Rendering with the current V-Ray renderer (V-Ray or V-Ray GPU).

Starts an Interactive Production Rendering (IPR) session with the current V-Ray renderer (V-Ray or V-Ray GPU)

Submits your current scene for rendering to Chaos Cloud.

Opens the V-Ray Frame Buffer window.

Opens the Render Elements window.

Creates a Rectangle Light.

Creates a Sphere light.

Creates an IES light.

Creates a Mesh Light.

Creates a Dome light.

Creates a V-Ray Sun and Sky system.

Opens the Light Lister window.

Creates a Physical camera.

Opens the Chaos Cosmos browser.

Converts the selected object into a Shadow Catcher Matte object.

Applies fur properties to the selected object.

Creates a V-Ray Decal object.

Creates a V-Ray Enmesh geometry.

Makes the selected object a Clipper.

Creates a V-Ray Proxy object.

Creates a V-Ray Scene object.

Creates a V-Ray Particles object in the scene.

Creates a V-Ray VolumeGrid.

Creates an Environment fog.

Opens the V-Ray for Cinema 4D documentation in a browser.

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