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This page provides details on the V-Ray for Revit UI and how it is integrated into the Revit interface.



The V-Ray for Revit Ribbon provides access to all of the settings and options that are featured in V-Ray for Revit.




Provides a list of Revit 3D views to render.



Provides Render type options and access to the V-Ray Frame Buffer.



Provides a drop down menu with a specific set of presets. The preset settings range from very low quality “Low” to “High+”.


Provides Output and Crop Box resolution size modification options.



Provides access to the V-Ray Sun, V-Ray Dome Light, No V-Ray Lights, and Artificial Lights options.


Provides access to the V-Ray Asset Editor, V-Ray Appearance Manager, and Chaos Cosmos Browser.





Enables V-Ray Decal placement.



Provides access to the V-Ray Camera settings.



Provides access to the V-Ray Settings.


Online Help

Provides access to the online V-Ray for Revit Help documents.

The following Render options are accessible through the panel:

  • Online Help – Takes you to the V-Ray for Revit home page.
  • Disable V-Ray Releases your V-Ray license. V-Ray for Revit is locked and won't be available for use.
  • About Displays V-Ray version information, Credits and Copyrights, and the End User License Agreement, as shown in the image below.
  • Feedback Provide us feedback at the V-Ray for Revit forum.
  • License Server Leads to your Online License server information webpage.



Provides access to your license and the Online License Server.

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