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Official release

Date - 2 Feb, 2022

Release NotesV-Ray 5


V-Ray® 5 for Revit, update 2 brings powerful tools to visualize your most ambitious projects in a streamlined way and present your work more engagingly. Easily customize materials and objects used in linked files right inside the host project. Employ the new object scattering tool to quickly enrich your model without encumbering Revit or V-Ray Vision. And share your V-Ray Vision results via video or interactive 3D versions of your scene.



Fine-tune linked files

Now you can access and control the V-Ray material and family replacements existing in the linked files of your model.
This powerful new workflow allows you to reuse previous work and significantly improves the collaboration with your peers.

Learn more at Materials Tab and Revit Subtab





Building terrain for your models is significantly streamlined thanks to the new scattering tool. Enrich your design context with realistic detail by adding hundreds, thousands, or millions of objects and Chaos Cosmos families on any surface in an intuitive and memory-efficient way. Control their size, orientation, and density for maximum realism.

Learn more at Scatter and Scatter Subtab


Take your design to the next level with Chaos Vantage. With Live Link, you can explore even your most complex models in pure ray-traced real-time with zero setup. Navigate and interact with your design’s true lighting and materials, and create animations and images with ease.

Learn more at Chaos Vantage




V-Ray Material improvements

With updates to the V-Ray Material, it’s easy to create realistic translucent and transparent materials such as glass. Plus, you can create materials such as plastic and wax quickly and easily via SSS and Volumetric translucency modes.

Learn more at Generic Refraction


More artistic control in post

Add popular sharpen and blur camera effects in the V-Ray Frame Buffer when polishing your final renders.

Learn more at Layers




Chaos Cosmos materials

Our curated collection of render-ready 3D content adds an important new category: materials. Take advantage of 200 new assets for your next project, including roofs, tiles, wooden floors, and more. Use them out-of-the-box or edit their color, bump, and gloss to fit your vision.

Customizable assets

Expand the creative possibilities with the Cosmos 3D models by getting access to the underlying materials. Change material parameters like color or completely replace the material to get the desired look.

Improved UX

All Cosmos family items are now conveniently organized into a separate sub-tab of the Families tab, so you can access and distinguish them with ease.

Learn more at Cosmos Subtab



New capabilities in V-Ray Vision




Standalone app export

Now, you can share your design with your clients via an executable file to explore it whenever and wherever they want. No license needed.

Learn more at V-Ray Vision


Sun animation support

Load sun animations from Revit into Vision for quick and easy lighting studies and export them as WebM format videos.

Learn more at Render Solar Study


Grass support

Add preset grass to any surface to build realistic terrain in an efficient way.

IES lights support

IES light profiles can now be used for more realistic presentations in Vision.

Ambient light support

Use ambient lights to give a brighter presentation of scarcely lit spaces like interiors without direct sunlight.

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