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This page provides links to the textures available with V-Ray for 3ds Max.


V-Ray for 3ds Max adds a number of textures specifically for use with V-Ray Materials.

See the links below for more information on specific textures.

UI Path: ||Material Editor || > Material/Map Browser > Maps > V-Ray

In V-Ray 6, most V-Ray materials and textures use QT for their GUI in 3ds Max versions 2019 and later. This means they will follow 3ds Max’s logic for RMB actions on the spinners. RMB will reset the values to minimum and Ctrl+right-click will set the values to their default.

V-Ray Textures

The textures found in V-Ray for 3ds Max can be divided in groups based on the purposes they serve.

General Textures

More details on General Textures.

Utility Textures

More details on Utility Textures.

Object Data Textures

More details on Object Data Textures.

Lighting Textures

More details on Lighting Textures.

Color Adjustment Textures

More details on Color Adjustment Textures.

Dynamic Textures

More details on Dynamic Textures.

Versatile Textures

More details on Versatile Textures.

Textures Tools and Utilities

V-Ray comes with additional texture tools to assist in texture creation:

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